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Cloudy Pool Water Costing You A Fortune In Chemicals?

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When you look at your pool you want to see crystal clear water, with a hint of sparkling blue. Cloudy pool water affects the look of your pool, and makes it a lot less inviting to dive in.  Luckily, there are many solutions to rectify cloudy pool water, but the first step is determining the cause. You may need to add chemicals – but there may also be other avenues worth exploring.

What causes cloudy pool water?

There are three common causes of cloudy pool water.

  • Inefficient filtration: If the pump isn’t working properly, or is inadequate for your size of pool, the water may go cloudy. Inadequate circulation can cause the pool water to remain stagnant which promotes algae growth and changes the clarity of the water.
  • Human interaction: When people swim in pools they introduce new chemical reactions – from sunscreen to sweat, our bodies interact with the chlorine levels. Insoluble oils are left behind when we get out, causing a cloudy appearance to the water.
  • Chemical imbalance: If your pool water has a high pH level, high alkalinity, calcium hypochlorite or above average warm temperatures, these can all cause the water to turn cloudy. This is where an efficient chlorinator is key.

There are also various degrees of cloudiness when it comes to pools, and levels of discoloration are one way to determine treatment. Some pools will look ‘flat’; that is, there is no sparkle, but you can still see the pool floor.  In other cases, the water may be completely opaque, and the pool bottom can barely be seen at all. Before you purchase chemicals to try and ‘clear’ the water, always check your chlorinator.

Signs your chlorinator is underperforming

Many pool owners fall into the trap of adding more and more chemicals to counteract a hazy pool. However, it doesn’t matter how many chemicals you use, the water will get cloudy again if the chlorinator is underperforming.

The key signs to check your chlorinator is working are:

  1. Ensure the cell is clean. Inspect the needle and production lights.
  2. Check that there is enough salt in the pool.
  3. Look at the chlorinator box to see if the light is on to indicate its working.
  4. Test the water that has left the chlorinator. It will have a high chlorine reading. If there is no chlorine reading, the chlorinator isn’t working.
  5. If you are able to check the cell house, look for gaseous activity as the brine passes over the cell. If the water is clear, the cell is not creating chlorine. You should see cloudy water if the chlorinator is working correctly.

If you have determined that your chlorinator is not working, it may be time to get a new one. Contact the team at Lush Pools to organise a replacement.

Cloudy pool water can certainly be fixed, but it’s a matter of diagnosing the cause in order to clarify a solution.

Need help or information about a cloudy pool water solution? Contact the team at Lush Pools today!

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