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Five Signs Your Pool Chlorinator Is About To Pack It In

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When you’re daydreaming about spending more time around the pool, chances are you’re not picturing yourself constantly sampling and testing the water, lugging around toxic chemicals and scrubbing away at algae. But unless you’ve got a pool chlorinator to do the hard yards for you, more work than play is part and parcel of pool ownership. Even with a pool chlorinator, as with any technology, things can go pear-shaped…quickly. Don’t want your best laid plans for a relaxing weekend thrown into disarray? Here’s how to stay on the front foot and pinpoint when your pool chlorinator is about to poop on your poolside parade by packing it in.

1. Chlorine levels dipping

Your chlorine levels dipping or chlorine production dropping to non-existent levels can be symptomatic of a build-up of calcium deposits on the cathode plate inside the salt cell unit. Over time this can lead to corrosion, impaired function, error codes and complete electrical malfunction. Save yourself the headache of constant inspection and maintenance: newer self-cleaning models greatly reduce the regularity of this happening by reversing the polarity to effectively strip away build-up.

2. You’ve got the blues because your pool is turning green

If the crystal-clear pool of your dreams is slowly morphing into a putrid pond, it’s a sure sign your pool chlorinator is on its last legs because it’s simply not doing its job. Algae growth means the chlorine is not at a level sufficient to keep it at bay.

3. It’s getting more demanding

Noticed an increasingly large dent in your finances and free time on the back of trying to keep your pool chlorinator happily ticking along? Hate to say it, but the ticking you hear is a time-bomb. A good pool chlorinator shouldn’t be chewing through salt cells or causing you to amass a Breaking Bad-style stockpile of chemicals.  It should be relatively inexpensive to run, allowing you to maintain your pool in pristine condition without the elbow grease and the gut feeling you’re flushing money down the drain.

4. Damage to your pool’s interior surfaces, stonework, decking and other pool equipment

If your pool chlorinator is about to give up the ghost, it’s probably starting to cause the type of chemical imbalances in the water that will lead to damage to other parts of your pool and its equipment. You might think you’re saving money by keeping a struggling pool chlorinator unit going for as long as you can with band-aid fixes. The reality is that it’s going to cost you more to rectify the damage it causes in the long run.

5. Your pool chlorinator is flatlining

If your pool chlorinator display simply isn’t working despite being connected to power, there’s a serious issue afoot. Pool chlorinators rely on circuit boards. They’re the brains of the operation and can be adversely affected if unprotected during an electrical surge or by moisture, rodent or insect activity. Poor offshore manufacturing processes and cheap ‘n nasty componentry can also contribute to lacklustre performance in the longevity department. A faulty circuit board can be a sign of even bigger problems to come: they can be crushingly expensive by comparison to a replacement system. Dodge that bullet now. It’s the ideal opportunity to consider your options for a much more reliable, state-of-the-art Australian pool chlorinator.

Time to call it quits with your old pool chlorinator? You’ll find a fabulous range of Australian-made pool chlorinators at Lush Pools, friendly and knowledgeable service and the peace of mind that comes with a generous warranty. Reclaim your weekends today!

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