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Your Guide to Installing Spa Electrics GKRX LED Swimming Pool Lights

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Thinking of making the switch from your existing halogen pool lighting to LED swimming pool lights, or simply replacing your old LED light? It’s easy! Read on…

Make a splash this summer with Lush Pool’s fantastic range of LED swimming pool lights. Spring is definitely the time to get your pool in top shape before summer amps up – and LED lights are an impressive way of adding ambience and colour to your nightly swims. Not only is the effect of LED lights beautiful, but it’ll save you up to 80% in energy bills too!

The Spa Electrics GKRX pool lights replace most major brands of pool lights, including:

  • Spa Electrics
  • Waterco
  • Aqua Quip
  • Autumn Solar
  • Poolrite
  • Questa
  • Swimworld
  • Stroud
  • Filtrite
  • Plus More

Handy how-to!

Switching over your old pool lights is actually a fairly easy process – and you don’t even need to shell out for an electrician! A screwdriver and our easy to follow guide is all you need to add a rainbow of light and atmosphere to your next barbecue this summer.

Tools Required

  • No.2 Phillips Screw Driver
  • Flat blade screw driver
  • Side Cutter / Pliers
  • RTV Silicon (for fibreglass pool surfaces only)

Step By Step Instructions

  1. Isolate the pool lights by turning the power off, then check the transformer. The existing transformer must be 12V to 32 AC only, have a minimum of 15 watt per light, and be in good working order.
  2. Next, remove the existing light fixture from the wall of your pool.  Disconnect the cable from the pool light with pliers ensuring you leave as much cable as possible. Once that’s done, remove the bracket from the wall.
  3. Select the correct retro bracket from the two that come with the new light.
  4. Feed the pool light cable through the proper location on the retro bracket. Once that’s done, affix the bracket to the existing mount locations using the screw kit provided.
  5. Connect the cable to the light by removing the terminal cover. Using a #2 Philips Head screwdriver, remove the 3 fixing screws and the cover to reveal the terminal connection.
  6. Prepare the cable by stripping it back to specified length. Select an appropriate gland by testing each one on the existing cable. The fitment should be firm without bulging or deforming.
  7. Attach the cable to the light by attaching wires to the terminals at the rear of the light. You can do this using a flat blade screwdriver. Make sure that the gland is properly seated and not twisted. Then, replace the terminal cover firmly by hand only.
  8. Remove 2 x filler screws and o’ring seal, inject lanolin into left filler hole until visible in right filler hole.
  9. Replace the o’ring seals and screws and be sure not to over tighten.
  10. Coil any excess cable behind the pool light and attach the light to the bracket by inserting tab at base of light into bracket and inserting M4 x 12P screw – tighten gently by hand.
  11. Once that’s done, turn power on test the light.

Watch the quick Install Video


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  • We Beat Any Price! Wholesale Pricing
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