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The Insanely Useful Switch Mode Chlorinator – Why Pool Owners Are Going Crazy For It!

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Looking for a salt water pool chlorinator that is gentle on the environment and your back pocket? Want a chlorinator that is built to last, easy to use and makes pool maintenance a breeze?

Energy efficient pool chlorinator

Have your pool floats and ice cold drinks at the ready because the Crystal Clear Crystalchlor CSM unit ticks all the right boxes when it comes to pool maintenance. You love splashing around in the pool with your family, but boy can it be a drain on your wallet. Choosing an energy-efficient switch mode chlorinator is not only better for the environment, but it helps lower the running costs of your pool. The Crystal Clear Crystalchlor CSM unit has high efficient chlorine production, low salt operation and low heat generation making it an energy efficient choice for your pool. Cut costs and keep the family happy in a sparkling clean pool all summer long with a Crystalchlor CSM unit.

A salt water pool chlorinator built to last

When you buy a salt water pool chlorinator, you want a product that you can rely on. You can rest assured the Crystalchlor CSM unit will do its job and do its job well – even under Queensland’s harsh conditions. Designed in Australia, this simply reliable Crystal Clear chlorinator is built for long-lasting performance. With an advanced high grade UV stabilised plastic control unit, it won’t split or crack. It is built with Australia’s climate in mind and can withstand rugged weather, heat and sun. The high impact modified acrylic housing also prevents splitting and cracking, while the acrylic weather shield will protect the power unit from rain.

Choose a salt water pool chlorinator you know will last. Add the Crystalchlor CSM unit to your cart now.

User-friendly Crystal Clear chlorinator

The last thing you want to be doing this summer is fiddling around with your pool chlorinator. You want a salt water pool chlorinator that you can trust to do its job with little stress on your behalf. The Crystalchlor CSM unit boasts fully automatic operation, which means you can spend more time in the pool rather than maintaining it. Setting your chlorinator is simple thanks to easy to use touch pad controls and settings. You can even boost chlorine with the touch of a button in peak times.

Crystal Clear has thought of everything with Switch Mode chlorinators – they even come with a reliable mechanical battery backup timer, so you don’t have to worry about forgetting to turn the unit on or off. Switch Mode Chlorinators are simple to install to both new and existing pools. There is no need to call out a plumber. User-friendly instructions make installing this salt water pool chlorinator a breeze.

Self-cleaning pool chlorinator

Looking for a fuss-free salt water pool chlorinator that cleans itself? Get ready to set and let your unit do the rest. Crystal Clear chlorinators have a self-cleaning electrode, which can be set for 5, 7.5 or 10 hours.

Full warranty

The Crystalchlor CSM unit comes with a full warranty. You will receive a two-year warranty on power supply and five years on your cell (two years repair/replacement + additional three years pro rata.)

Will a Crystal Clear Crystalchlor CSM unit suit your pool?

Crystalchlor CSM units are compatible with all salt and mineral water pools. They can even be used in high salt pools, unlike your stock standard chlorinators. While a salt water pool chlorinator is best suited to domestic pools up to 140,000 liters, they are available with commercial grade electrode.

At Lush Pools, we stock the complete range of Crystalchlor CSM units in 15amp, 25amp, 35amp, and 45amp. Check out the Crystalchlor CSM product guide and shop our CrystalChlor Chlorinators or CrystalChlor replacement cells now.


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