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Robotic Pool Cleaner Troubleshooting – READ This First

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Pool maintenance can be one of the drawbacks of owning a pool. If the pool is not cleaned or checked for chemical levels regularly, it can be a health hazard. Not only that, it can take time and money to get it to point where it can be used again.

One way pool owners are scraping back time from their pool maintenance schedule is by using a robotic pool cleaner. Robotic pool cleaners are an efficient and innovative way to clean your pool. They are considered at the cutting-edge of pool cleaning technology. But, like all technology, there can be hiccups. Here are the common problems that can occur when you use a robotic pool cleaner – and tips on how to fix them.

Troubleshooting Issue One: My floating cable keeps getting tangled

One of the most common issues pool owners voice about their robotic pool cleaner is that the floating cable gets tangled. The tangles can be caused by the robotic cleaner moving back and forth around the pool as it cleans. Sometimes, it can also be a storage issue – some users neglect to wrap and store the cable carefully after use. After the robotic cleaner has finished, disconnect the cable from the power supply. Slowly untwist the cable and lay it flat on the ground. Work through untwisting the cable section by section. Bend any folds in the cable to remove kinks. Leave the cable to rest in the warm sun for a few hours to retain its untangled structure. Once the cable has dried out, place the robotic cleaner and cable away. After each pool clean, the robotic cleaner should be stored in a dry place, with the cable wound up in a hand over hand motion. Do not wrap the cable into a figure 8 as this will kink the cable.

Troubleshooting Issue 2: Lights are flashing on the power box

The power box will display lights for various cycles. Not all robotic cleaners are the same, so these tips may not be specific to your cleaner. At Lush Pools, we supply the iCleaner Robotic Cleaners, which display four lights on the power box. If the yellow light is flashing, the robot has overheated and you will need to call for support or a service.

If the green light is flashing, there could be two problems. The first is a lack of water. Place the robot in deeper water and restart it. If this doesn’t fix the problem, the impeller may
be broken. Turn the power off and check the impeller by removing the cover. If the impeller needs replacing, you can order a new component.

If the blue and green lights flash, restart the cleaner. If they continue to flash, check for debris, clear it out and restart again. If they continue to flash, contact Lush Pools for

If the yellow and green lights flash, the water pump is overloaded. Turn the power off, check the impeller, clean or replace the filter bag (refer to the user manual for the correct
procedure) and then restart the cleaner. If the blue light starts to flash, the robotic cleaner may be upside down. Turn the power off to the cleaner, then restart using the power switch or remote control. If it becomes a common occurrence for the robotic cleaner to turn upside down, clean the filter bag thoroughly by popping it in the washing machine and check the condition of the impeller.

Troubleshooting Issue 3: All the debris falls out when I pull my robotic pool cleaner out of the pool!

It can be soul destroying when you retrieve your robotic pool cleaner and the dirt and debris that is removed from the pool falls out, straight back into the pool! To prevent this from happening ensure you pull the cleaner towards yourself in a continuous motion. If you suddenly stop, the water can push against the water retaining boards, allowing the debris to spill back into the pool.

Robotic pool cleaners can give you many years of hassle-free pool cleaning. The issues can usually be rectified with a bit of persistence in maintenance of the cleaner itself and not being rough with its retrieval.

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