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How Quality Pool Parts Will Save You Money!

How Quality Pool Parts Will Save You Money

Looking for spare parts for your swimming pool? Don’t cut corners! Call upon your pool parts specialists for all your equipment needs. Quality equipment is the key to maintaining your swimming pool and ensuring its longevity.

Pool parts worth investing in


Pool chlorinators feed chlorine into your pool water in a gradual fashion. Chlorine is needed to keep pool water free from bacteria, however, this can be a dangerous chemical if not administered correctly. Your chlorinator consists of:

  • The cell

The chlorinator’s cell is the pool part that converts salt to chlorine. A cell will last up to 7 years but over time, salt eventually erodes the metallic coating of the cell. When this occurs, it’s time to replace it.

  • Control board

Your pool chlorinator needs a control board to power the cell. Without it, your chlorinator won’t function. This is another quality pool part you’ll need to replace at some point although you can expect it to last for around 7 years.

Pool pumps

A pool pump is the circulation system of your pool water, pulling water up from the bottom of the pool before filtering and chlorinating. A pool pump should last a decade but may require a couple of replacement motors over that time. Don’t buy cheap pump parts; quality spare pool parts only. The pump is the heart of your pool system and when it’s working efficiently, helps to maximize the time you and your family spend swimming.

Pool filter

Swimming pools need filters to ensure the water is clean. Filters remove dirt from your pool water. This prevents the build-up of bacteria and other nasties from staying in your pool. Filter cartridges will need to be replaced every couple of years.

Call on your reputable pool specialist for quality pool spare parts

If you need pumps, filters or chlorinator pool parts, call on your trusted pool specialist. Your swimming pool is an expensive asset, don’t ruin it by buying cheap pool parts that won’t last the test of time. In the long run, you’ll be spending more money fixing your cheap mistakes. Choose quality Australian made pool parts and equipment to keep your pool in sparkling good condition. It’s the best way to ensure you spend less time cleaning and more time swimming!  

Lush Pools stock the highest quality pool parts and equipment at wholesale prices – browse our extensive range or chat with our friendly specialists 

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First Time Pool Owner? Here’s the Lowdown on Pool Equipment

First time pool owner heres the lowdown on pool equipment

So, you want to take the plunge into pool ownership? If you’re feeling swept away by a tsunami of pool equipment tech-talk and terminology, read on.  Don’t splash your cash on expensive pool equipment until you’ve read our go-to guide to what you really need for hassle-free pool ownership…without the fancy-pants optional extras.

Pool chlorinators

Pool chlorinators take the hard yards and guesswork out of pool ownership by automating the process of chlorinating your pool. Modern salt pool chlorinators rely on a process of electrolysis, a chemical reaction that produces water-soluble chlorine as a result of pool water passing through a salt cell. Pool chlorinators are generally unobtrusive and do away with the need to constantly test your pool water or store potentially hazardous or volatile chemicals in bulk on your property. The chlorination process kills harmful bacteria and ensures a healthy and safe pool environment with a minimum of fuss…and a crystal-clear pool.

Pool pumps and filtration systems

A pool pump or pool filtration system is a must-buy if you’re contemplating pool ownership. Pool chlorinators kill bacteria, but it’s the pump and filtration system that’s responsible for fishing it out of the water… along with the dust, insects, debris and bird and rodent droppings that make their way into your pool. A pool pump diverts water from the pool into either a sand or diatomaceous earth (DE) filter, trapping the unwanted particles and returning the clean water to the pool to prevent stagnation and contamination.

Pool cleaners

If you don’t fancy spending your precious pool time wielding a scrubbing brush or leaf skimmer, then you’ll want to consider a pool cleaner. Pool cleaners effortlessly remove debris from the water and clean your underwater pool surfaces to remove a build-up of slimy, unsightly algae. Best of all, they can work 24-7 and don’t have to hold their breath or wear a mask and snorkel to do it.

Pool lighting systems

You might not think of pool lighting as a must-have item of pool equipment but without it, you’re swimming blind. If you want to swim at night or all year round, lighting’s essential to ensure a safe and attractive swimming environment. Pool lighting can be installed from new or retrofitted to an existing pool. Best of all, you can adjust it to complement your surroundings and create ambiance and resort-style luxury.

Now you know what you need, it’s time to call in the experts! You’ll find a fabulous range of high-quality pool equipment at Lush Pools – our friendly, knowledgeable team make pool ownership every bit as easy and enjoyable as it should be!

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Five Signs Your Pool Chlorinator Is About To Pack It In

When you’re daydreaming about spending more time around the pool, chances are you’re not picturing yourself constantly sampling and testing the water, lugging around toxic chemicals and scrubbing away at algae. But unless you’ve got a pool chlorinator to do the hard yards for you, more work than play is part and parcel of pool ownership. Even with a pool chlorinator, as with any technology, things can go pear-shaped…quickly. Don’t want your best laid plans for a relaxing weekend thrown into disarray? Here’s how to stay on the front foot and pinpoint when your pool chlorinator is about to poop on your poolside parade by packing it in.

1. Chlorine levels dipping

Your chlorine levels dipping or chlorine production dropping to non-existent levels can be symptomatic of a build-up of calcium deposits on the cathode plate inside the salt cell unit. Over time this can lead to corrosion, impaired function, error codes and complete electrical malfunction. Save yourself the headache of constant inspection and maintenance: newer self-cleaning models greatly reduce the regularity of this happening by reversing the polarity to effectively strip away build-up.

2. You’ve got the blues because your pool is turning green

If the crystal-clear pool of your dreams is slowly morphing into a putrid pond, it’s a sure sign your pool chlorinator is on its last legs because it’s simply not doing its job. Algae growth means the chlorine is not at a level sufficient to keep it at bay.

3. It’s getting more demanding

Noticed an increasingly large dent in your finances and free time on the back of trying to keep your pool chlorinator happily ticking along? Hate to say it, but the ticking you hear is a time-bomb. A good pool chlorinator shouldn’t be chewing through salt cells or causing you to amass a Breaking Bad-style stockpile of chemicals.  It should be relatively inexpensive to run, allowing you to maintain your pool in pristine condition without the elbow grease and the gut feeling you’re flushing money down the drain.

4. Damage to your pool’s interior surfaces, stonework, decking and other pool equipment

If your pool chlorinator is about to give up the ghost, it’s probably starting to cause the type of chemical imbalances in the water that will lead to damage to other parts of your pool and its equipment. You might think you’re saving money by keeping a struggling pool chlorinator unit going for as long as you can with band-aid fixes. The reality is that it’s going to cost you more to rectify the damage it causes in the long run.

5. Your pool chlorinator is flatlining

If your pool chlorinator display simply isn’t working despite being connected to power, there’s a serious issue afoot. Pool chlorinators rely on circuit boards. They’re the brains of the operation and can be adversely affected if unprotected during an electrical surge or by moisture, rodent or insect activity. Poor offshore manufacturing processes and cheap ‘n nasty componentry can also contribute to lacklustre performance in the longevity department. A faulty circuit board can be a sign of even bigger problems to come: they can be crushingly expensive by comparison to a replacement system. Dodge that bullet now. It’s the ideal opportunity to consider your options for a much more reliable, state-of-the-art Australian pool chlorinator.

Time to call it quits with your old pool chlorinator? You’ll find a fabulous range of Australian-made pool chlorinators at Lush Pools, friendly and knowledgeable service and the peace of mind that comes with a generous warranty. Reclaim your weekends today!

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Pool Transformation: How To Create That Luxury Pool Feeling

The average Aussie backyard pool has come a long way. The fenceless, kidney-shaped pool that dominated in the 1980s has been replaced by cleaner lines and, thankfully, much improved safety regulations. But if your swimming pool is looking a little tired, there are ways to breathe life back into the space. From extensive retiling to creating ambience with luxury pool lights, read on to discover how you can transform your swimming pool.

Swimming pool trends

Clean lines and functional use of the available space have dominated new pool installations over the last few years. Rectangular wet-edge (or infinity-edge) pools are hugely popular, but building the biggest pool possible is no longer most people’s preference. Smaller pools that complement, rather than overwhelm, the yard allow for more usable space with better flow. We’re seeing a major resurgence in fully tiled swimming pools, too, as the smaller size trend makes this option more affordable.

Recycled and raw materials, such as reclaimed timber, recycled bricks and natural stone are proving popular in pool landscaping as we move towards greener solutions to design and construction. Colour palettes remain neutral with greys and creams still featuring in most outdoor design. Lush greenery and garden walls add natural texture and interest.

Ideas for updating your backyard pool

Perhaps you bought a home that already had a swimming pool and you’re looking to update the overall aesthetic of the space? Depending on your budget, there are a host of options to enhance the appeal and create that vibe that luxury pools create so well.

Retile your pool

Completely retiling the surface of your pool is a sure-fire way to instantly update. Tiling is popular for its longevity, easy cleaning and luxury pool aesthetic.

Paint your pool

Reinvigorate a tired pool with pool paint. Choosing a colour that complements the surrounding décor and furniture helps tie the outdoor space together.

Reshape your pool

Reshaping a pool can be a significant undertaking but it really can help update the overall look as well as maximise use of your backyard space. Cleaner lines, concrete steps, ledges or seats can all help create the luxury pool of your dreams.

Create five star ambience with luxury pool lights

Got budget constraints? Create the perfect entertaining area for endless summer nights with clever luxury pool lights. Installing underwater LED pool lighting is simple and inexpensive – and extra safe low voltage means you can do it yourself. Pool lighting can illuminate your backyard, making night swimming fun and safe for the whole family. Choose from a range of pool light colours and settings to transform your outdoor space and create that luxury pool ambience you’ve been dreaming of.

Looking for luxury pool lights at wholesale prices? Browse the Lush Pools range of Australian made LED swimming pool lights and accessories here.

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NOTE: Proper Pool Supplies Come From Proper Pool Specialists!

proper pool supplies from proper pool specialists

Does it really matter where you get your pool supplies from? Well, that depends. Want a giant inflatable flamingo? Find the best price and buy that one! But if you’re in the market for quality pool supplies to keep your swimming pool sparkling clean and well-maintained, choose a genuine pool specialist for professional advice and reputable pool equipment and parts.

Your local pool shop vs pool supplies specialists

We’re not here to tell you that you shouldn’t shop at your local pool shop for pool supplies in Australia. But when it comes to keeping your swimming pool in the very best condition to be enjoyed all summer long, choosing a pool supplies specialist is the way to go.

Pool supplies such as floaties, goggles, inflatables and aquatic toys can really be purchased anywhere without risking adverse effects for the health of your pool. Choosing pool equipment including salt cells and pumps can be a little more complicated. Swimming pool specialists use their years of experience to help you decide which brands and products are the best fit for your pool. They can assist with sourcing the correct pool parts and model numbers, saving you a lot of headaches down the track.

Pool supplies you should buy from your trusted pool specialist

Your local pool shop may not be professionally trained to know which chlorinators, cleaners, pool pumps, swimming pool lights, cells and spare parts you will need. Don’t compromise the maintenance of your pool and the health of your family with unreliable advice and sub-par pool supplies. With the right advice and the very best parts and equipment, maintaining your pool can actually cost you less and require less of your precious free time.

Installing a swimming pool can be costly! Protect your investment by choosing a trusted pool specialist to source quality pool supplies. Credible pool specialists are few and far between. When you find a good one, stick with them!

Premium pool supplies Australia

Don’t have time to shop for pool supplies instore? No problem! Lush Pools are Australia’s go-to online swimming pool specialists, stocking only quality, Australian Made pool supplies. Offering an extensive range of pool equipment, you can rely on the Lush Pools team to give you the very best advice and product recommendations. And with wholesale pricing, you’ll save a whole lot, too.

Trust Lush Pools to look after you and your swimming pool. Shop our range today and enjoy free express shipping in Australia and New Zealand.


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Cloudy Pool Water Costing You A Fortune In Chemicals?

Cloudy Pool Water Costing You A Fortune In Chemicals?

When you look at your pool you want to see crystal clear water, with a hint of sparkling blue. Cloudy pool water affects the look of your pool, and makes it a lot less inviting to dive in.  Luckily, there are many solutions to rectify cloudy pool water, but the first step is determining the cause. You may need to add chemicals – but there may also be other avenues worth exploring.

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