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LED Swimming Pool Lights Set The Perfect Ambience

Lush Pools proudly offers customer savings on competitively priced wholesale pool supplies of LED swimming pool lights. The Spa Electrics pool lights you’re installing are so professional, high end quality you and your guests will be lapping up the luxury.

Our team proudly offer free express shipping Australia and New Zealand wide with 5% off your first order. We offer a select range of Spa Electrics GKRX & WNRX LED replacement pool lights and accessories suited to all domestic and commercial pool installs.

Sophistication, usability
& beautiful ambience

Every product is hand-picked for its quality, ease of use and high industry standard. They’re reliable, professional and an instant value-add to any pool. We’re the savvy choice for LED swimming pool lights that are genuine, Australian made products backed by 12 months infield manufacturer warranty. With our personalised customer service team and extensive pool lighting knowledge we will be sure to have your pool illuminated in no time.

Lush Pools

Your LED swimming pool lights of choice

The presence of LED swimming pool lights lifts any residential or commercial property to a whole new level of luxury and year-round functionality. This safe, user-friendly technology provides both an enjoyable swimming experience with an aesthetically pleasing vibrant outlook.

Lush Pools lights up the Gold Coast, Australia and New Zealand – Free Express shipping and same day dispatch will ensure you’ll have your pool beaming with luminous colour year round. Spa Electrics high-quality LED swimming pool lights have a long lifespan and come in a pleasing variety of colours that are perfect for any pool setting.

Lush Pools

LED swimming pool lights – Easy to use and easy to install for an aesthetically pleasing outlook

Lush Pools LED swimming pool lights are simple to install, with no electrician required, and run at an extra safe low voltage. Installation types for all – concrete, fibreglass and vinyl lined pools.

The Spa Electrics GKRX and WNRX pool lights consume very little energy, making it a cost effective choice to operate. Enjoy the added advantage of a longer life than most other pool lights on the market, making them a superior choice when it comes to swimming pool lighting. They produce strong, vibrant, pure colours into the aquatic environment that are both beautiful and alluring, adding the perfect ambience to any swimming pool environment.

Lush Pools

Choosing the very best LED swimming pool lights – Spa Electrics, a reliable brand you can trust

Our select range of Spa Electrics high-quality LED swimming pool lights are all Australian Industry Approved and trusted, this allows us to verify the safety and effectiveness of each product. As well as ensuring our prices are competitive, all products are backed by genuine manufacturer’s warranty for peace of mind.

With over ten years’ industry experience, Lush Pools makes choosing superior wholesale pool supplies straight-forward and stress-free for every valued customer, with the added benefit of our 30 days return policy if you make the wrong choice. (see returns policy)

Have Questions? We Got You…

NO – These lights are simple replacement for your existing light, they come with an easy to read installation manual in each box and all brackets and parts required for installation. We have included a short installation video below:

Absolutely NOT – Spa electrics GKRX lights can be easily replaced without draining the pool, whatever you do don’t let your pool guy or local shop try and tell you otherwise. Check out the quick install video below:


The full guide can be found here.

Colours will display in the following order:

  1. Electric Blue
  2. Midnight Magenta
  3. Ruby Red
  4. Spring Lime
  5. Lagoon Green
  6. Tropical Aqua
  7. Daylight White
  8. Warm White
  9. Slow Colour Blend
  10. Fast Colour Change

To change the colour of your light:


  • Turn your light off for 2 seconds and then turn it back on. This will signal the light to step through the next colour. Colours will display in the order above.
  • To select the desired colour simply step through the colours until you find your desired selection.
  • Your lights will automatically save your selected colour once the power has been turned off for than 1 minute.

To reset or synchronise your lights:

  • With the power turned on, switch the power off/on once rapidly. This will put the lights into reset mode (flashing blue).
  • Once this occurs turn the power off, wait 2 seconds and turn the power on.


Spa Electrics GKRX Replaces most surface mounted pool lights, including

  • Spa Electrics
  • Waterco
  • Aqua Quip
  • Autumn Solar
  • Poolrite
  • Questa
  • Swimworld
  • Stroud
  • Filtrite
  • Plus More

Note: The GKRX model is variable voltage light and replaces the older GK7 (single voltage)

ALL RETRO Series LED lights produce brighter illumination than a 100W halogen globe and are available in a choice of Single, Tri-colour and Multi Colour models.

It’s easy! All warranty requests are logged direct with Spa Electrics  just click here. and a Spa Electrics representative will be in touch with you shorty.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Customer Satisfaction is Paramount that's why we offer a
30 Day Money Back Returns Policy.
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  • Fast TrackableInternational Shipping
  • Australia & NZ Free Express Shipping
  • We Beat Any Price! Wholesale Pricing
  • Genuine Australian Supplier