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  • Aquachlor SC260 RP Self Cleaning 20amp Cell

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  • Aquajoy Unique Auto Elite 150 Salt Cell

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  • Aquaswim AS110 RP 20amp Self Cleaning Cell

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  • Autochlor AC25 RP 25amp Self Cleaning Cell

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  • Chloromatic ESR200 / C260 Std Cell

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  • Clearwater C140

    Clearwater C140 / BH4000 Salt Cell

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  • Compu Chlor A200 Self Cleaning RP Salt Cell

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  • Crystal Clear RP3000 30amp Self Cleaning Salt Cell

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  • Eaquip / Enviroswim 20amp Std Salt Cell

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  • Electrochlor Waterchlor MKII RP30 Self Cleaning Cell

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  • Hurlcon / Astral VX7 Generic Salt Cell

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  • Poolrite Surechlor Enduro SC25 HC140 RP Self Cleaning Cell

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  • Saltmate SM120 Std Cell

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  • Waterchlor 26, Waterco, Salty, Electrochlor 20amp Cell

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  • Zodiac Clearwater LM2-24 Genuine Salt Cell

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Industry Approved By Australian Standards.

Offering an extensive range of both genuine and generic replacement salt cells and pool supplies at wholesale pricing. All our products are backed by genuine manufacturer warranty and include Free Express Shipping within Australia and NZ, with a flat rate of $45AUD on all international orders. For added peace of mind, our 30 day money back return policy will ensure you’re not left out of pocket if you happen to purchase the incorrect product.

Need help finding the correct replacement salt water cell?

It’s easy! If you know the make and model number of your current saltwater chlorinator the choice is a breeze – simply enter the model number or the make of your chlorinator into the product search bar below to find right cell compatible with your system. If you need help please contact us and we will be more than happy to ensure you make the right choice.

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Offering the very best in customer service, buying a salt water replacement cell has never been so easy. We have extensive industry knowledge when it comes to matching the correct cell to a particular brand of chlorinator. We welcome all pre purchase questions to ensure you are buying the right match for your unit. We take pride in the fact that we only supply pool products with stress free, no fuss installation, product care and warranty. Pool equipment that will guarantee you’ll be swimming smoothly. Available 7 days a week, contact us online.

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Take Comfort in High-quality Pool Products

A well maintained salt water pool chlorinator system offers a clean comfortable swim year round. If your salt water cell is due for replacement it’s a straight-forward process. The new cell will slip straight into your existing cell housing with no adjustments or re-plumbing required. All our cells are made with high grade titanium plate material making it effortless to clean and maintain. 

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Australian Made and Manufactured

Based on the Gold Coast we are focused on delivering high-end products at competitive prices to keep your pool looking crystal clear and sparkling clean. Our salt water cells are proudly Australian made and manufactured – they’re tested in real Aussie pools in a real Aussie climate. Our wholesale pool supplies are as tough as they come but easy to use and maintain.

Have A Question? We Got You!

Selecting the right salt water cell doesn’t need to be a stressful event. We are industry experts with extensive knowledge when it comes to pool equipment. If you are unsure which replacement cell suits your chlorinator system we are more than happy to help you make the right choice.

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For optimal performance standard cells should be cleaned every 3-4 weeks under normal operating conditions. If you’re running the unit for longer hours each day and or have problems with the water chemistry then the cell should be cleaned more frequently.

Clean the cell with 1 part HCL (hydrochloric acid) and 10 parts water, put the cell in and remove when the calcium build up has dissolved. Do not use a high pressure jet or a stick/blade to clean a cell, this can damage the platinum coating on the cell. Use of normal hose pipe pressure is OK to remove any excess calcium.

Self cleaning salt cells can often require cleaning depending on the pool water chemistry, in poorly balanced pools calcium can build up on a self cleaning cell the cleaning process for these cells are the same as standard cells. *Other considerations for calcium building up on a self cleaning cell can be caused due to  PCB failure (printed circuit board) in the power supply or a very old concrete pool that is leaching calcium from the walls.

NO – Self cleaning cells are not compatible with standard power supplies and likewise a Standard cell is not compatible with a Self Cleaning Power supply. You must ensure you choose 100% the correct replacement cell to suite your chlorinator. If you are unsure on which replacement cell you need, get in touch and we will happily help.

YES absolutely – In fact it is is recommended to replace your old mesh cell with solid plate as Solid plate is more conductive (i.e. more chlorine at lower salt levels).

Solid Plate cells last longer as they have up to 3 times more material than mesh, they also stay cleaner for longer and are much easier to clean (takes about 1/10th of the time compared to mesh).

Solid plate usually costs around $50 more per cell compared to mesh. All our replacement salt cells are made with High Grade Titanium Solid Plate material, ensuring a longer cell life with hassle free maintenance.

All Generic cells & Crystal Clear Genuine cells on our site are covered by a 5 Year Manufacturer Warranty – 2 years repair/replacement & a further 3 Years Pro Rata Warranty (based on RRP at the time). Under normal operating conditions and with good cell maintenance (regular cleaning & balanced pool water) in domestic pools these cells should last anywhere from 5-8 years before they will need replacing.

*A One Year Warranty applies to all cells installed in commercial pools.

If your lead ends are worn, old and shabby it’s time to replace them. To ensure good cell health and production, cells need to be kept in good condition to avoid cell failure.

If you are purchasing a new cell it is recommended to replace your old lead ends at the same time, a new cell allows the power pack to run at 100% again, if you’re old lead ends are damaged this will cause a voltage drop and overheating of the cell lead and cell head – this is not covered by the cell warranty.

Please check your cell lead ends – We supply a huge range of replacement lead repair kits to suit most model cells and also full lead replacements. If you are unsure which leads will suit your cell unit,  get in touch and we will happily help.

Before purchasing a new cell it is best to ensure that a new cell is in fact required. It is common when a chlorinator has a fault the first option customers usually take is to replace the cell, in some cases they have wasted money on a new cell to later find out that they had a power pack/supply fault, these faults usually end up being a PCB (printed circuit board) fault.

You can test the output of a cell if you have access to an amp meter, you can test how many amps the cell is drawing. If you are unsure it is best to have the cell and power pack professionally tested by a qualified industry expert (remember there are a lot services out there just to make a quick buck) ensure you have a trusted service person who knows what they are doing.

There are many different brands and models of replacement salt cells, it is important to choose the right cell for your unit. Almost all chlorinator cells are not interchangeable with other makes and models.

Identify what the make and model number of your chlorinator is. If you are unsure what make and model number unit you have you can send us through a few photos of your unit and cell and we can direct you to the correct replacement.

YES – Replacing your salt cell is effortless and does not require an electrician or professional.

  1. Firstly turn the power off at the wall
  2. Simply unscrew the locking nut from the cell housing
  3. Detach the cell lead and remove old cell
  4. Fit the new cell inside the housing ensuring the cell o’ring is fitted in place for a firm seal and no leaks
  5. Replace leads and screw on the locking nut
  6. Turn power back on and you’re all set for operation sparkling clean pool water once again.

NOTE: For all cells that have the brassware in the cell head – Please ensure that the cell lead ends have a tight fit if a loose fit this can cause electrolysis and overheating damaging both leads and new cell, this is not covered by warranty. Also see FAQ What happens if my leads are worn?

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