Crystal Clear RP3000 30amp Self Cleaning Salt Cell



  • Genuine Crystal Clear replacement cell
  • Self cleaning 30amp cell replacement
  • 7 Plates each 200mm
  • Solid plate cathode & anode
  • 30amps
  • Complete with lead & rubber o’ring

All cells are made from heavy duty commercial grade material.



  • Solid plate is more conductive (i.e. more chlorine at lower salt levels)
  • They last longer (as they have up to 3 times more material than mesh)
  • They stay clean longer
  • They are much easier to clean (takes about 1/10th of the time compared to mesh)
  • There is no problem with using them in place of a mesh cell.


The cell will be replaced in the first 2 years if any manufacture defects are visible. There will then be a further 3 year pro-rata warranty based on the recommended retail price at that time.


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