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The Savvy Choice In Salt Water Chlorinators

Looking for a pool chlorinator? We’re the savvy choice when it comes to salt water pool chlorinators we have you covered, with units available for all domestic and commercial swimming pools installs. Proudly Australian designed and manufactured Crystal Chlor chlorinators will have your pool water looking and feeling clean and clear as crystal. Shipping internationally all year round, we offer a 5% discount on your first order, and we keep our prices LOW including free express shipping Australia wide on all our wholesale pool supplies.

Splash in comfort with a
salt water pool chlorinator

At Lush Pools, we proudly stock the Crystal Clear range of Crystal Chlor EC / RP and SMC series chlorinators, these units  live up to their motto “SIMPLY RELIABLE”. Crystal Clear is a manufacturing company that has been producing Salt Water Chlorinators on the Gold Coast since 1995, they stand by their products offering generous product warranty and the very latest in design and technology. Crystal Clear salt water pool chlorinators offer your loved ones the chance to make a splash in hygienic comfort with the purest of pool water clarity. They’re a stress-free, low maintenance way to keep your pool sparkling clean, clear and free of algae.

Lush Pools

A new level of luxury

When purchasing a salt water pool chlorinator, you can choose from a standard or a self cleaning model. The Crystal Clear, Crystal Chlor range allows you to experience the combined effects of salt water swimming with chlorine cleaning – a savvy choice for the family home or commercial property.

Lush Pools

Less stress and more time to relax in your oasis.

Lush Pools stocks only a select range of Australian manufactured salt water pool chlorinators because we know they work! Our attention to detail when it comes to customer service means we know these systems back to front – making us the ideal choice when it comes to buying wholesale pool supplies.

Lush Pools

Enjoy year round swimming

The range of Crystal Clear chlorinators at Lush Pools are perfect for year-round swimming and there is a size to suit every pool from domestic to commercial installs. Our salt water pool chlorinators are robust, made to last and easy to operate. Designed for Aussie weather they can handle your pool in even the harshest of Summers – so you know they’ll last!

Have Questions? We Got You…

Click here to view the recommended sizing guide for all Crystal Clear EC & RP series Chlorinators

Click here  for the recommended sizing guide for the CrystalChlor CSM Switch Mode Chlorinator Range


Crystal Clear / CrystalChlor Chlorinators come with 5 years Manufactures warranty – 2 Years warranty of the power supply and 5 years on the cell (2 years repair/replacement & a further 3 Years Pro Rata Warranty, based on RRP at the time).

Under normal operating conditions and with good maintenance the cell should last anywhere from 5-8 years before it will need replacing and the power supply anywhere up to 15+ years on all domestic pools installations.

*A One Year Warranty applies for all chlorinators installed in commercial pools. If you require a chlorinator for a commercial installation get in touch and we will happily help. We offer commercial specific units.

For optimal performance Standard cells should be cleaned every 3-4 weeks under normal operating conditions.

If you’re running the unit for longer hours each day and or have problems with the  water chemistry then the cells should be cleaned more frequently, depending on the calcium build up.

Clean the cell with 1 part HCL (hydrochloric acid) and 10 parts water, put the cell in and remove when the calcium build up has dissolved.

Do not use a high pressure jet or a stick/blade to clean a cell, this can damage the platinum coating on the cell. Use of normal hose pipe pressure is OK to remove any excess calcium .

Not at all – these units are easy to install and come with a clear installation guide. See the below links for the relevant installation guides.

Crystal Clear/CrystalChlor EC & RP Series

CrystalChlor CSM Series




YES – the new style EC & RP series chlorinators replace all older models since 1992 effortlessly, you can even use the old cell housing to save re plumbing in the new one.

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