Crystal Clear RP2000 Self Cleaning 20amp Chlorinator Power Supply

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Suits below Cells

  • Crystal Clear RP2000
  • Autochlor AC20RP
  • Poolrite SC25
  • Compu A200
  • Chloromatic SC260
  • Saltmate Sm110

NOTE: if you are unsure if your existing cell is compatible with this power supply please email for advise before purchasing

20Gr Per/Hr of Granular Chlorine Equivalent (Calcium Hyprochlorite)


Max Pool Size for 20Amp Unit

Recommended by the manufacturer (and industry accepted)

* Cool Climate – 90,000ltrs

* Moderate Climate -70,000ltrs

* Tropical Climate – 50,000ltrs



  • Designed in Australia
  • Low salt operation: 3000-3500ppm (0.3%-0.35%)
  • Hard/Soft Switch for high calcium areas
  • Over temperature protection
  • Over current protection
  • Isolation transformer design approved to AS3108 standard
  • Ingress Protection IP23 rating
  • Reliable quality mechanical battery back-up timer
  • Digital battery back-up time available upon request
  • Premium grade titanium cell electrode
  • Silicon controlled rectification
  • High efficient chlorine production
  • Acrylic weather shield for power pack
  • High impact modified acrylic cell housing
  • Superior heat sinking
  • Easy installation to new and existing pools
  • Best suited for domestic installations (available with commercial grade electrode)
  • 2 Year Full Warranty on the power pack


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