Zodiac LM & D Series 1/2 Lead Replacement Repair Kit


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  • This cable kit fits all Zodiac LM2 & D Series cells
  • LM2-15 LM2-20 LM2-24 LM2-30 LM2-40 / D10 D15 D20 D25
  • No soldering required.
  • It is very important the cell leads are in good condition. Burnt or old leads can damage your cell and could void warranty


  1. Ensure crimping is done with a good crimping tool (do not use pliers)
  2. Place smaller heat shrink over metal crimps
  3. Place large heat shrink over all the terminals
  4. Ensure heat is applied evenly and no terminals are exposed after heating
  5. If brass plugs are loose fitting then open/close them slightly
  6. You must have a tight fit



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